What is a Gravatar?

No doubt you’ve noticed the sexy little creature next to my comment posts when responding to your random bursts of geometry. That is a Gravatar? A Gravatar is an avatar. An avatar? Yeahvatar! A Gravatar follows you from blog to blog, and pops up along side many comment posts on many blog types. It’s tied to your email address, so whatever email address you give to validate yourself in a comments post will poke the computer and say “yo, sup? My picture be over here.”

Where do you set this lovely piece of bit art? gravatar.com. Register your email address with them, upload a tiny image of awesome, and you too will have avtastic comment art to add to bazillions of blogs sphere-o-blog-wide.

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  1. Arnolds says:

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  2. Karoly says:

    Changing the URL in a spam comment is NOT going to give you a hihegr Page Rank. Page Rank works the opposite way When you approve a comment on your blog, you are in fact creating a link FROM your blog TO the spammer’s blog. That will NOT pass the spammer’s Page Rank back to you. If anything, it will pass YOUR Page Rank on to the spammer! The exact opposite of what you’re really trying to do here.You do NOT get Page Rank by providing links TO other sites you get Page Rank by having other sites link to YOU.Allen Hill recently posted..

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  4. levitra says:

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