About the Internet, I am called many things.  When the blogging mask is on, you may call me “Skip Cocoa”.  When it comes to World of Warcraft, I am the definition of “casual gamer”.  I’m actually a frequent gamer, but can’t be bothered to focus all of my time on one game.  This beast chronicles my WoW hours, though you’ll find me on Champions Online (yes yes, I am The Honorable Skip Cocoa, autographs will be signed after the show) and a wide assortment of console games. Okay, you won’t find me on console games, because Adventures of Lolo has yet to release an MMO and I haven’t quite worked out how to stick a CAT5 into the NES. All in due time!

While I am an altaholic, and I may just stray to cover my Hunter (screw pets, Survival for Life) and Shaman (leveling Resto and loving it), my main is Calhi on Moonrunner, a Night Elf Druid specced Feral/Feral (Cat/Bear) and will ideally be the main focus of discussion. She’s my Critty Kitty and I love her. She has more bars than you and that makes her better.

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