Dec 222010

The great Cataclysm is here, and so is Skip (fashionably late as usual)!  I have to admit, I was dragging my feet.  The new talent system left me less than impressed.  Kitty DPS has nothing really new to bring to the party, and I was not eagerly awaiting watching my crit chance drop off by 20%.  Kitty Tier 11 bonuses are lack-luster.  Bonus Rake damage and a teeny-tiny attack power bonus, if we spam Mangle.  Seriously, didn’t Feral finally get something resembling breathing room by NOT having to cast Mangle every 6 seconds only a few patches ago?  Without really researching it, it looks like cats are going to want to stack on the haste (Edit: Ha, seems I was wrong.  Mastery ftw.), but that seems like the same story for most of the classes.  Haste is a beast now.

Oh, and then there’s Nom Nom Nom.  (It shall always be called Nom Nom Nom.)  It really doesn’t change the game much.  If the boss is below 25% health and Rip is still up, use Ferocious Bite instead.  Tada.  One more tracker for you kitties to wire into your addons.  There’s a few more talents that make life a little easier, but I hardly feel the need to discuss them (that’s obviously a lie, I probably will out of content starvation another day).  Truth be told, I feel the word “claustrophobic” fits the bill in talking about the feral tree.  I was working with this build before I decided to take a break from feral (a cat nap, harr harr).  My usual flare for passive survival is there, so it’s probably two Infected Wounds away from a PVP build.  Do with it what you will.

Blah blah blah, durid spec talk.  Yes, moving on.

So like I said, I’m taking a feral break.  With all the pimping of the new Eclipse system for Balance and the new treeless tree in Resto, I thought it time to give casting another try.  I’m not typically a caster.  I hate going out of mana.  Haaaaaate.  So you can imagine I was less than impressed by the oomkins of yesteryear.  The problem does seem to have cleared itself up, however.

Rewind a sec.  Eclipse.  Alright, so here’s the abridged version of it.  No, wait.  Here’s the storybook version of it.  I like those better.

Once upon a time, in a kingdom many patches ago, there was a talent known as Eclipse.  Druids of the day had two primary attack spells, Starfire and Wrath, with little governing which was better.  Eclipse offered guidance using its unique mechanics.  If Wrath ever scored a critical hit, Starfire would become more powerful.  If Starfire ever scored a critical hit, Wrath would become more powerful.  As such, a druid would stack on enough crit to make a rogue blush and fire one until such time as a mystical proc occurred, then they would use the other.  Other druids would moonfare spam until they were oom, and the peasants rejoiced.

Eclipse today is no longer a talent, but an innate trait reflected by a bar under the mana bar.  Rather than triggering on a critical hit, the druid must gather “solar” and “lunar” energy. Starfire will generate solar energy each cast until you hit a “Solar Eclipse”.  At this point, you will become Jesus Christ with feathers.  The Moonkin Messiah will then do much more damage with nature spells (aka, Wrath).  Wrath will start generating lunar energy.  The Eclipse will end when the lunar energy forces the meter back to zero.  When it makes the trek back across to the Lunar Eclipse side, you are now Arcane Zeus, and your Starfire will be the 50 megaton nuke of win.

If all of that was a lot to suck up, just know that you are essentially playing ping-pong with the little dot on your meter and do omgwtfbbq damage about half of that time.  Thanks to the talent Euphoria,  you’ll get loads of mana back for keeping the volley going.

Also, there is now moonfare spam in talent form.  The peasants will likely be slaughtered.

As fun as this little dance has been, we’ll see how long it lasts.  A sick little part of me misses my kitty and her migraine inducing debuff juggling.  I’m also still putting two points in Feral Swiftness, cuz I gotsta have my indoor travel form!  Don’t judge me!

Your Fortune Cookie:

Moonkin Messiah OOM’d for your wins.

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