Dec 312010

I’m fastly losing all faith in any decision making Blizzard may have.


December 22 – 27 Cataclysm Hotfixes

Winning as an attacker now rewards players with 1800 Honor Points, up from 180. Winning as a defender still rewards players with 180 Honor Points.

Tol Barad

I found this along side a blue post as such:

The odds are already stacked against the attacking force. In fact, they’re stacked in favor of the defense more so than we would like at this point. We’re looking to address this in an upcoming patch so that defending Tol Barad doesn’t feel like there’s virtually no fear of loss.

In line with that design goal, we made this hotfix to ensure winning Tol Barad back for your faction feels much more rewarding.

So, alright.  We acknowledge that somehow this thing made it out of beta without noticing that one side manages to squat on it and win for days at a time.  We want to fix that, but its the holidays and we have lives, so we’re instead going to make losing that much more frustrating.

Ah, but then if both sides were to intentionally let the attacker win, both could average a few pieces of  PVP blues a day.  The scam begins.  From what I’m reading, most servers seem on board with this already.

Of course, then the queues fill to the brink.

Oh, don’t worry, you can apparently just wait at the bridge and still get credit, without even taking part in the scam.

Now, an aside.  Ever since I hit 85, I’ve been grinding my honor hard.  I started PVPing at level cap late in Wrath, so I couldn’t really get into it like I wanted back then.  Everyone else had full PVP gear and raid-end weapons.  No amount of skill could over come that.  I was paste on the ground within seconds of every encounter.  Trying to grind out the honor for the gear just wasn’t fun like that.  So I promised that when Cataclysm hit, I wouldn’t let myself get left behind like that.  I like PVP.  I wanted to have a fighting chance to actually be involved.  I always felt the system as it was felt like it was designed by an asocial twelve year old, but I was willing to play their little game.

Now, back to the topic at hand.  How in the hell was giving 1800 honor for anything a good idea?

I was at odds for a while over how to handle it.  I could get involved and get my thousands of free honor, or I could walk away.  I thought about it, and whether I involve myself or not, that goal I’d set for myself is now cheap and hollow.  It’s lost meaning to me.  I can either achieve my goal via empty means or relive the “paste on the ground” days again, as people with that empty gear slap me around for several more weeks.

No, I’m just walking away from it.