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While I was writing the Survival of the Fittest article, I was thinking on something. Many people who play melee damage characters often comment about how often they spend time face down in the muck for half of the fight. Some have the luxury of plate or dodge mitigation, but it never seems like enough. Those familiar with ranged damage (more so in older instances than modern ones) will tell you to spec pure damage and let the healers keep you up. Maybe that works for them, but we’re in the fray. Some bosses make it really hard to keep at their side, and sometimes all it takes is a single spinny-roundy or green cloud you didn’t catch in time to put you out.

Thus, this article will be about focusing on keeping your fuzzy kitty butt alive. There are those who will disagree with my points of view here, and given my experience, maybe they’re right. Still, I think it’s a meleer’s responsibility to be as self-sufficient in their survival as possible, and that’s the attitude we’ll be going into this thing with.

Proper Attire

You’re a lucky sort. Almost all gear these days seems to come with Stamina. Most Critty Kitties will be using Rogue-ware, as its the latest trend in dominatrix fashion, so you’ll be getting primarily Agility and Stamina. You can actually afford to go balls-out offense. If you find you’re just not staying alive, you do have options, though. A wealth of tanking leather and druid weapons are available. If a few good ones fall to you for being the feral in the party, save them just in case. You’ll probably only have to compete with the Survival Hunter for them. Your group and your DPS may not approve of your clothes, but in an undergeared situation, it might just be better to go in doing less damage than spending the fight face down dealing zero damage.

Talented Survivor

While you do have a cornucopia of tanking talents to boost defense, many of them are Bear-only. Boo. Bear is greedy. But, all is not lost. Kitty comes equipped for the job too.

Improved Mark of the Wild – We’ll start off with a minor off-spec talent. You probably won’t bother if you’ve got a Resto tree in your usual raid group, but if no one else has it, this has good all-around bang for its buck. +2% more to all of your own attributes in addition to improving one of the best buffs in the game. More armor, attributes, and the ever-elusive resistances. If no one else in your group has it, you can’t go wrong with it.

Thick Hide – The Thick Hide vs. Feral Instinct debate is a raging, axe-wielding, possibly menstruating one. You’ll probably take one or the other, and when leveling, I always took Feral Instincts. But, the stealth element is somewhat underplayed in group instances, and whether Swipe (Cat) is worth buffing is arguable. +10% armor isn’t going to make Azeroth move, but it might be worth more than Feral Instincts to you.

Feral Swiftness – I consider this one mandatory. The speed buff gets you out of harm’s way and back into the fight. Your mobility is both extra damage and defense in a sexy little bundle of death. +4% dodge is an extra ounce of defense that the average platey has to spend 4 talent points to match.

Survival Instincts – Identical to the Warrior’s Last Stand, except that you don’t have to go down a different tree to get it. It can still be a stubborn beast to fit into a build, and I’ll admit, it’s often one of the first things I cut out. It’s more worth your while the higher your HP gets, since it heals based on a percentage (and thus will always be of more use to a tank than you). The other problem is remembering you have it.

Predatory Strikes – You’ll be taking this one anyways, simply for the raw attack power. But I tossed it in because of the instant-cast heals it makes available. They can be a life-saver.

Nurturing Instincts – There are those who refuse to take this talent. I refuse not taking it. I consider it irresponsible, really. They see the +healing, and go “*scoff*, I’m a DPS, not a healer, thank you very much.” But the part we want is part Beta: +20% bonus to all healing you take as a cat. A lot of small heals fall around a busy battlefield. The more often you’re topped off with quick or stray heals, the less attention you need compared to your party members. This also improves Improved Leader of the Pack, which may just keep you topped off on your own.

Survival of the Fittest – We discussed this earlier, we did we did. Crit Immune and +6% to all attributes. Probably your single best durability talent. You want this, you do you do.

Improved Leader of the Pack – Either the single best group buff you can offer, or worthless. If you have a Bear tank in your regular group, she probably took this, and yours doesn’t stack with hers. Since you can easily crit once every 6 seconds, this will be a steady source of small heals for you. Nurturing Instinct will improve that heal by 20% (but won’t improve it based on your +healing), giving you an extra 0.8% of your HP each time.

Primal Tenacity – This is primarily a PvP talent, and probably won’t make it into your regular builds. There are bosses that make heavy use of stuns and fear, so you might bring it along conditionally. Probably not, though.

Predatory Instincts – Extra damage is always welcome in my home. You’re probably looking at maybe an overall +1% to 1.5% increase per point, depending on your crit chance. The focus here is the 30% less damage from AoE attacks. Sometimes, you’re going to stand in the fire briefly. Sometimes, bosses blast all the melee around them to knock them back. It’s an unfortunate fact of life that poor kitty is going to get caught in some mess. This applies to a lot of the damage you can expect to take, and 30% is no small dip. Don’t ignore this one.

Berserk – I’m posting this one mostly as a no-no. Berserk makes a great fear-breaking trinket in PvP, but if you save it for that in an instance, you’re wasting it. It creates a HUGE burst of damage, and should be popped off on each and every boss that can afford the aggro spike. I learned this one from experience. Even when the situation arises to use it to break fear, I have to spend a second or two of potential super-damage running back to the target. No bueno.

The Strat: HP > 0

I harp on this a lot, but I’ll say it again. As Kitty Kit Kitterson, you have two traits to hone to a razor’s edge: Awareness & MobilityTM. It’s really easy to get tunnel visioned when staring at those buffs and bleeds, but you’ve also got to find the backside of your target, get there, recognize threats, and get away when necessary. Your #1 survival tool is your own head. A few pointers to further the point:

Stay Out of the Green Sh** – It may be self-explanatory, but we all seem to forget from time to time. Those flames/fumes/tentacles on the floor hurt. You’re probably more resilient than many to them, but hurting yourself is still bad. Get out!

Optimal Attack Location – To get off your Shred and to improve your accuracy, you want to be behind your target. However, many many large enemies like dragons and giants have rear-attacks. Some also tend to do instant 180 turns from time to time, just to annoy you. The optimal spot is typically on the side, just slightly to the rear. They won’t hit you with their tails/back-kicks, and if they flip-flop facing, you’re a tiny side-step from being in position again.

Billy Don’t Be a Hero – More basic knowledge, but worth repeating. One of the worst things you can do for your own safety is to pull aggro. Attack the target that the tank is properly tending. Don’t feel its your job to pull things off of the healer, cuz you’ll just get in the way. Don’t rush the enemy healer in the back, just because you think you’re the only one smart enough to notice it. Call it, get the tank on it, then shred with the peace of mind that comes with not having your skull caved in with two blows.

Back of the Class – This is more a tanking issue, but it’s spelled my doom a time or two. A good tank should face enemies away from the group. One reason is so everyone gets the nice juicy backside exposed to them for the rocking and the socking. The other reason is because if there are more enemies ahead, they will be… well… ahead. A wandering patrol is far more likely to come in from the front. If you’re the furthest ahead because you had to go there to get behind the enemy, you’re the first thing they will see, and it won’t be pretty. It’s not something you have a lot of control over, but be aware of the situation and watch your own back.

Barkskin – You forgot you had it, didn’t you. Ah-aah-ah-aaah (yes, I am five years old) , I knew it! It’s not just for casters anymore. Barkskin works in all forms, doesn’t have a painfully long cooldown, doesn’t trip the Global Cooldown, costs nothing, and offers a short burst of very good damage reduction. If you can’t be bothered to remember you have it, I suggest macroing it to an ability you will remember, like:

/cast Runic Healing Potion
/cast Barkskin

You’ll at least pop it every time you go to use a potion, which is probably an appropriate time to assume you’re freaking out. If you have any other defensive abilities, like Lifeblood from Herbalism, go ahead and macro it to that too. Basically, anything you already use to mitigate damage.

I Will Survive

Melee damage has a bit of a stigma. People picture us primarily horizontal. It’s a challenging role and we get a lot of hate for it. But respect can be earned. Stand tall and proud. Or, er… As tall and as proud as a kitty can. Come to think of it, we are always horizontal…

Ugh. Long, wordy, potentially informative… where’s that delete button? Alright, alright, I’ll leave it, but under one condition! I want to see related posts for Death Knights, Ret Paladins, Rogues, Enhancement Shaman, Fury/Arms Warriors, and, heck, even other ferals. Lots of people talk about how to maximize your damage, but it seems somewhat glazed over in the area of staying alive. How do you keep your melee DPS alive? Then I can sit back and read them while posting random topics about how casual I am. Your challenge is posed!

Your fortune cookie:

As long as I know how to love, I know I’ll stay alive!

Edit: Haha, awesome! I have become the BlogAzeroth shared topic of the week! >>Forumeth Posteth<< Okay, so I did post it there, meaning I wasn’t exactly nominated for my blinding brilliance so much as I was the only person to make a suggestion for that week. (Running unopposed ftw) And as I hadn’t really planned to be omnipotent topic of an entire week, I hadn’t paused to consider that Melee DPS isn’t exactly a universal topic. Whoops. Still, the bloggers of WoW-land are resourceful, and so be sure to watch that space for creative individuals adapting the topic to their interests.

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  1. The basic guideline I use when trying to get dps to think about the damage they take and the healing needed is; “You do Zero dps when you are dead, so avoiding death is your number one priority.”

    • Skip Cocoa says:

      I like that mentality. And zero is a really nasty number to have when it comes time to average it all up. I learned that way way back in math class… when I almost failed it for not doing my assignments.

  2. 3 Minute Kitty says:

    I love your thinking on this man, I myself however have to ignore it, I am as my name states a 3 minute kitty, though not necessarily 3 minutes since I last longer than mages I do huge amounts of damage, i keep up with ranged peeps pretty well, here’s my thing “OP damage = less damage to thyself because less time for damage done to kitty” Your mentality is great, I love it, my suggestion however is for each feral druid dps to tank for a few months before they go kitty. They become infinity aware of their survival stuff, believe me I tanked for years and even now months after I quit, I am still aware of all those survival techniques such as being aware of all that goes on around me (Something that can be my downfall because I can get confused because I see a lot of things in Sarth). I took my dps to a whole new level by sacrificing three of the things you mentioned.

    Those three things are: Survival Instincts (Now it’s hard to remember I don’t have it =P)
    Imp leader of the pack (No benefit to my dps so I traded it in for protector of the pack)
    and of course Primal tenacity.

    I found out even if I don’t last long in pvp, even with my raid gear all on I still hit like a truck. You can look at my spec on the armory by looking up Bloodyrain of Perenolde.

    • Skip Cocoa says:

      Those would probably be the first three I would give up, in a priority list. Survival Instincts and Improved Leader of the Pack are both nice to have on opposite ends of the spectrum (SI is an emergency save while ILotP is a slow, maintenance heal), but both are kind of “Great for Bear, nice to have for kitty”.

      Though, to my knowledge, Protector of the Pack has no benefit to kitty (the tooltip is pretty ambiguous on that point). At last I tested, the kitty gained no attack power benefit from PotP. Only beary bear, who revels in its absolute awesomeness.

  3. Baila says:

    Like your blog but have a request for links on the sidebar to past posts. It would make browsing your site easier.

  4. Giselle says:

    Aside from Barkskin, don’t forget: Survival Instincts (if you specced for it), Bear form, and the beautiful T10 4 piece bonus (12% less damage when you hit Enrage in bear). That last one has saved my life a few times ever since I got it!

    • Skip Cocoa says:

      I’m still debating my own personal feelings on switching to bear in a crisis. In a stand-alone, one-on-one fight, going bear, especially with a hybrid build, can be the best way to turn near-invincible. The cons to the situations seem to be that:
      1) If you’re having trouble dumping aggro, turning into a bear is only going to make that harder.
      2) An SI’d bear is going to have massive HP. That’s great for not dying, but also makes you much much harder to heal back up.
      3) Peoples always yell at me if they see me in bear. Stupid peoples…*grumble*

      In the right hands, I believe that these can be largely mitigated, but it’s definitely not for the newbie kitty player who hasn’t seen their bear form since level 19. That’s what I love about druids, though. The versatility helps you break out of that “the right way to play” mentality, and with practice, work your own style out of them.

    • Chantal says:

      A lot of thanks for every one of your effrots on this web page. Ellie really likes conducting investigations and it’s really easy to see why. We know all relating to the powerful medium you convey invaluable tactics by means of the web blog and even foster participation from visitors on this theme so our own child is without question starting to learn so much. Take pleasure in the remaining portion of the new year. You have been conducting a really good job.

    • Sunhwa says:

      Hi Fleur, a lovely photo of you all.How funny I just oredred this Tilda from craft all day along with some other goodies and can’t wait for her to arrive, she is so sweet. Your colouring is perfect, I love the colours, (I always do) and the layout is fabby.Enjoy your day.Hugs Sue W.

    • Tormeti says:

      awww fleury Mac looekd absolutely gorgeous hun, that dress is so pretty.Gorgeous card too hun. I am sooooo lost when Mo goes back to school, the house is too quiet so heading out to my crafty room to make a quick card I think!huge hugs Lou xx

    • Maakhan says:

      Excellent post. I was checking contsantly this blog and I’m impressed! Extremely helpful information particularly the last part I care for such info much. I was looking for this particular information for a very long time. Thank you and best of luck.

    • What youre stating is completely accurate. I realize that everybody must say the same point, but I just think that you set it in the way that everyone can understand. I also love the photos you put in right here. They fit so effectively with what youre trying to say. Im confident youll reach so many people with what youve received to say.

    • LOL, j’adore les traits eye-liner bleu…il est quand même resté assez soft sur le « fond de teint »!! En tout cas une belle expérience qui montre que, même s’il regarde tes vidéos Make-up, ça ne veut pas forcément dire qu’il est comprend!! Et j’imagine très bien mon homme dans le même cas!!Merci pour ces 3 min de rigolades en tout cas!!

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