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I’m not hyper-keen on doing link posts. I generally consider them cheap post fodder. I’m making an exception today for Alaron, because I’ve been in the market for a plain and simple explanation on hit-caps that falls somewhere between “just get this number” and “unintelligible theorycraft”. The article hits the main points, gives a basic understanding of the “why” of it all, and doesn’t muddy the waters with anything else. Skip approved!

(I’m also putting it here so I have it for later.  >.>)

Melee Hit Table FAQ – The Fluid Druid

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  1. Bear Pelt says:

    WoW. I just stumbled upon here and wonder how I’ve never come across such a great feral druid blog. Cheers fellow feral!

    • Skip Cocoa says:

      Well much thanks, partner fuzzy one. We (proverbial we, it’s just Skip and his many personalities here) are a small, reclusive hole on the Interwebz, but we do so aim to please. You’re welcome by anytime.

    • Humihiko says:

      I think the problem with EQ2 is that there are 24 casesls and that’s it. Each one has a role and damn, if you want to do something different then you’re rerolling.However, WoW has **27** casesls (well, 28 since druids have a tree that fills two roles equally) but you can switch between a select three of them at any given time. Why 27? Because each talent tree is, by and large, so fundamentally different from the base class that each becomes a separate, different class in and of itself. Take Shamans as the example; there’s unifying theme (Elements) and a lot of shared base spells, but realistically Elemental uses such different spells and they behave they so differently that the only thing that’s the same as another shaman is the totems and buffs they cast. Hell, even the totems will probably be different. Cata will only serve to reinforce this with the new talent system and choose-at-10-what-you-want-to-be idea.Also: I never really liked Enhancement. Sure, it was fun in a sense, but it just felt like I was hitting it with two feathers and waiting for something to happen. Elemental was fare more interesting with its big hits and big crits

    • Ida says:

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