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It’s Shared Topica Time again. I’ve been promising to do these, despite them always being topics to which I really don’t relate well. This week’s is from Jaedia and her topic of Looking Back to the Start of Wrath.

I’ve never been “in the prime” of WoW, so my take is going to be a bit skewed. Let’s tell a story.

Once upon a time, there was a little Skip. Skip had friends who played WoW, but Skip did not play. Skip was too busy sleeping with super models and going out to fancy restaurants with wealthy executives, or whatever it is Skips do. When the hallucinations ended and Skip realized he was actually just sleeping with his fluffy (and very comfortable) pillow and eating overheated pot pies with his cat, he decided it wouldn’t hurt to socialize with his friends via Intrawebz Gaming. By this time, all of his friends were level 70 and running Zulnaxamon solo with rainbow epics and being followed by ultra-rare Mikhail Gorbachev mini-pets that drop off raiding heroic socialist governments. Or so I’m told. I never got to run them myself.

But some were nice enough to roll alts and play and talk to my newblet druid from time to time and I pranced around, ignorant of the world outside of starting zones. Then the 3.0 patch came out. Some fancy-smanchy new expansion was around the corner and I had to get involved! I bought Burning Crusades and… realized I was level 40, and started over from 1 with a Draenei Hunter and Shaman.

Oh yes, I remember all the new Hunter pet abilities and trees. I remember the class remakes. I remember all of Azeroth going from near empty to void of all human existence. Not to be dissuaded from my quest of doing whatever I felt like in what I was convinced to be a single-player game, it took me about a year to fumble from 40 to 58, where I was introduced to Outlands.

I was excited. I was finally getting into material I’d heard people talk about. And as the game quickly propelled me to 60 and handed me my flight form, it was as if it were saying “sorry Mario, but our princess is in another castle”. Again, no one was there. I tried to slowly enjoy it, convinced I’d never see 80, but it was as if I was leveling up by accident. Outlands was rejecting me. In little to no time, I was tossed to Northrend.

And we reach the topic of our post, I think. Was I excited? Kind of. Was I let down? A bit. What was I doing? Rapidly leveling in an environment mostly devoid of players. It seems I still hadn’t caught up. But, I wasn’t going to let Northrend be another Outlands. There are times when you have to let the princess go for a while and sleep with Toad instead. I’ve explored, done quests, PvPed, gone collecting odd achievements and done everything in my power to enjoy my progress however I felt at the time. I’ve enjoyed Northrend, and now as I grace the precipice of 80, I’ve only completed most of Borean Tundra, Dragon Blight, Zul’Drak and Grizzly Hills. I’m told this is good, as I’ll make gobs of money doing the other areas as an 80.

But, I’ve not “experienced” it yet. I’ve not been through a part of the game as the rest of the world is exploring and learning it. I’ve never experienced a new dungeon without a team of experts familiar with every level 1 critter running along its walls. Everything I touch has been documented and passed by for about a year. Cataclysm will have to be my “new” experience. Maybe I’ll finally get my princess.

Your fortune cookie:

You have died of dysentery.

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  1. Jaedia says:

    Oh noes! Not dysentry!

    I had the same experience with TBC to be honest, was so desperate to just get upto 60 and catch up with everyone they were mostly gone by the time I did, and this was on my unloved little undead warlock.

    Also remember how empty Orgrimmar was. Jesus that was weird, and then I saw my first DK, a dark red name?! Whut? He was standing around showing off to a crowd of 5, funny really :p

    • Skip Cocoa says:

      It makes me curious if the Cataclysm kids are going to have to blur through -two- empty expansions before catching up or if they’re going to cut the fat. They are changing main-land, so maybe they’ll tweak the “run through everything everyone else did but faster” mentality.

      • Jaedia says:

        They’ll make it faster, they always do :) Think they’ve mentioned speeding it up too. With guild levelling, heirlooms, nerfs, buffs, and all sorts, it won’t take as long as it used to.

        • Kajal says:

          Although Ay has adopted a few of these pets, Willy is his all time faivtore. They go everywhere together. Willy sometimes just watchs everything. But sometimes he’ll kill off some rodent or other pest that gets too close to Ay from behind. lol, he’s rather amuseing with these rare kills!Aygaren recently posted

      • Yeiner says:

        D: No Credit? Oh sorry, really bad conemmtIm glad that Warlocks are in the first batch, I’d like to see some of the new Demon’ Spells the’ll be getting.Summon EredarRequires Trifling Gnomepl0s.

  2. AngryAlt says:

    I DEAD?! Dysentery? I ate all the hard tack I could… :( Oh Well.

    I had/am having the same problems that you had. It was my own fault though. I didn’t start playing wow until about one month before wrath came out so I was really beyond any of the new content. I’m just now a L72 in Northrend and am feeling the lonliness.

    Hopefully, as with you, once Cataclysm comes out I can run with my big girl pants on.

    • Skip Cocoa says:

      I’m also hoping the content makes people want to level new characters in Cataclysm, so I can roll a few alts and have fresh low level content to enjoy with old and new player lowbies as well. It would be a very different attitude for WoW to take, but I can dream. :)

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