Dec 252009

I’m not Skip. I’m an intruder. I only have two bars. The shame. In the spirit of the Holidays, I wanted spread some love and what better place to do so than here on the blog of my favoritest, bestest best druid buddy. Why him? Well,

  • He makes my buff bar look garnished.
  • He’s always ready to take on mobs eating my poor failSpriest
  • If something I want is hidden behind nasty monsters, he won’t think twice about stealthing to get it for me.
  • When I’m about to die, he lands that perfectly timed heal that saves the day.
  • When we were levelling characters together, before we had mounts, he’d always wait for me, even though he had travel form.
  • He would agree that druids in travel form should be rideable.
  • He remembers to bring water for me because I tend to forget.
  • When I ran to another server, he stayed by my side.

And after all those nights of staying up with me until dawn chatting about everything and nothing, of making up stories and strange theories together, of gaming until our fingers hurt, I am proud to /hug my favourite druid. Have you hugged your druid today?

Happy Holidays to Skip/Calhi and to all the druids out there who are amazing friends.

With love,

Ophelie the Bossy Pally.

Ps. I wanted to include a screenshot of the two of us together, but I wasn’t able to get one in time for Christmas.

Skip Cocoa (so moved, he speaks in italics normally reserved for Out-of-Skip voice):
OMG!  Yay!  It’s so beautiful… *sniffle*  You’re the bestest ever.  Happy Holidays favi pali and everyone else.  Skip is now feeling the holiday spirit.  Thank you so much!

P.S. failSpriest melted many a face and healed many a Critty Kitty.  Were we running around now, after the Innervate changes, I bet we would’ve had far less mana trouble.  You can mount me or drink me anytime you want.  Wait, that didn’t come out like I meant at all…

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